1. Name.
    1. The name of the club is ‘White Horse Sailing Club’.
  2. Purpose.
    1. The purpose of the Club is to promote and facilitate participation in the sport of sailing and to provide social and other facilities for members as may be from time to time determined.
  3. Membership.
    The club will have two categories of membership

    Ordinary membership’

    1.  Full ‘Ordinary membership’ is open to any person who, at the date of election, shall have attained the age of eighteen years
    2. An ‘Ordinary member’ shall have one vote.
    3. Full ‘Ordinary membership’ of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport of yachting on application. Every candidate for membership shall be proposed and seconded by a full member of the Club, both of whom must be personally acquainted with the candidate.
    4. Candidates for ‘Ordinary membership’ without sufficient personal acquaintances within the Club may be proposed and seconded by two Committee members after an introductory meeting.
    5. ‘Ordinary membership’ election should be regardless of gender, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.
    6. Every ‘Ordinary member’ shall furnish the Secretary with an up to date address which shall be recorded in the Register of Members and any notice sent to such address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered.
    7. Every ‘Ordinary member’ on joining the club, implicitly undertakes to comply with the constitution, and any refusal or neglect to do so, or any conduct which in the opinion of the committee is either unworthy of a member, or injurious to the interests of the club, shall render an ordinary member liable to expulsion by the committee..
    8. Prior to expelling an ‘Ordinary member’, the committee shall call upon them for an explanation of their conduct, and shall give them an opportunity of defending themselves, or of resigning their membership.
    9. The vote on a resolution for expulsion shall be by ballot and the resolution shall only be carried if not less than three-quarters of the committee present vote in favour of the resolution.

    Associate membership’

    1. An ‘Associate Member” is a full member of a WHSC-committee-approved associate club, who, at the date of election, shall have attained the age of eighteen years. The committee will review the list of associated clubs annually and have that ratified at the AGM
    2. An ‘Associate Member” shall have no voting rights.
  4. Subscription.
    1. The annual subscription payable, for ordinary members, shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting. The annual subscription is payable on entry to the club and annually on the date determined at the AGM each year.
    2. An ordinary member shall be entitled to the full amenities of the club.
    3. Any ordinary member who has not paid their subscription within a month of the date above shall be requested in the name of the committee to pay the same within fourteen days. If their subscription is not paid within 2 months of the date above, their name may be removed from the list of ordinary members by the committee. An ordinary member’s name may be restored at the discretion of the committee.
    4. No ordinary member shall in any year be entitled to exercise any rights or privileges of membership until his subscription for that year and all arrears (if any) are paid.
    5. The associate member subscription shall be a payment for each day of sailing in a WHSC outing (in addition to the normal cost of the outing). This amount is subject to annual review by the WHSC committee and ratified each year at the AGM.
  5. Officers of The Club.
    1. The officers of the club shall consist of a Commodore, a Vice Commodore, a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting in each year, to hold office until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting and for a maximum of 2 years. The retiring Officers shall be eligible for re-election.
    2. It is expected that no individual will hold a specific post for more than 3 consecutive terms.
  6. Committee Membership and Meetings.
    1. The committee shall consist of the officers, ex-officio and not more than eight ordinary members of the club, elected by the club in general meeting, to hold office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting.
    2. Candidates for election to the committee shall be those ordinary members of the club whose nominations are duly proposed and seconded by ordinary members of the club. Retiring committee members shall be eligible for re-election.
    3. If a casual vacancy occurs by death or resignation or any reason, the committee may co-opt an ordinary member to fill the vacancy.
    4. If the number of candidates duly proposed and seconded exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, the election shall be by ballot.
    5. The Committee will meet on a regular basis, at least 4 (four) times a year and notice of at least 7 days will be provided to each Committee member of the dates and whereabouts of these meetings.
    6. The Commodore, or their nominated deputy, will have a normal, and in the case of a “tied” vote,further casting vote. All ordinary members will have one vote only.
    7. The Committee will have the right to make or change “Club Rules” not inconsistent with this Constitution, from time to time, as they see fit.
    8. A committee meeting requires a quorum of the lesser of 5 committee members or 50% of the current committee members.
  7. Committee Responsibility.
    1. The committee shall manage the affairs of the club according to this Constitution and shall apply the funds of the club according to the objective(s) of the club.
    2. It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to keep a complete and accurate account of the clubs finances.
    3. Furthermore it shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to submit the audited accounts for approval at the Annual General Meeting.
    4. It shall be the responsibility of the secretary to keep full minutes of all meetings of the Club, which shall be confirmed and signed by the appropriate Chairman at the next following meeting of the Club; and administer such insurance policies as may be needed fully to protect the interests of the Club, its Officers and its members.
    5. It shall be the responsibility of the membership secretary to maintain a register of Club members’ names and addresses.
  8. General Meetings.
    1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each calendar year at a location in mainland UK to be named, to be fixed by the Commodore. The date of the next AGM shall be decided at the preceding AGM, any subsequent changes to this date will be advised to the membership.
    2. The committee may call a general meeting of the club for any specific business, the nature of which shall be stated in the summons convening the meeting, and the discussion at such meeting shall be confined to that business only.
    3. The committee shall also call a general meeting on the written request of twelve members.
    4. Members will be given twenty-one days notice of any general meeting of the club.
    5. Constitutional changes must only be made at an AGM or at an EGM called for that purpose and will require a two-thirds majority of all members present of which ordinary members must comprise not less than 50% of those voting. The proposed change must accompany the meeting intimation.
    6. All other decisions will be decided by a simple majority of those present.
    7. Items for inclusion in the agenda of the AGM can be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary at any time not later than 28 days before the date of the AGM.The business of the AGM shall include: –
      • Approval of the minutes of the previous AGM;
      • Consideration of reports and accounts from the Committee for the past year;
      • Election of Office Bearers;
      • Election of the Committee for the ensuing year;
      • Agreement of the Subscription level for the coming year;
      • Consideration of any proposed alterations to the club Constitution and Rules;
      • Election of an Auditor, who need not necessarily be a member of the club;
      • A report on the previous season’s outings.
  9. Dissolution.
    1. The club will not be dissolved provided at least 6 (six) members are willing to continue.
    2. On dissolution the assets of the club, after discharge of liabilities, shall be donated to a registered charity as decided by the Committee.